Thank you for your interest in College In Colorado outreach opportunities. Our team provides a variety of presentations/trainings to meet your needs. Please remember that presentations are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and we may not be able to accommodate every inquiry, although we will do our best to do so.

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Money 101 Train the Trainer - Learn how to work with students on Money 101 online personal financial literacy course
Professional Center - Monitor, create reports, set milestones, and more to manage student use of
ICAP/CIC Jump Start - Beginning the Process
ICAP Beyond the Basics - Successfully translating your ICAP vision to reality on CIC
Fine Tuning Your ICAP - For those whose plan is formulated and now need assistance to rollout to professionals and students

(Please choose only one per event request form.)

Phone Assistance with Reporting Tools
Financial Aid 101 - How to Pay for College
Scholarships and How to Apply
FAFSA Workshop (Please note: this workshop requires two hours in a computer lab)
Ex-Offender Resources - Overview of College In Colorado's newest feature, the Own Your Future website
ASSET - in-state tuition for students lacking proof of lawful U.S. presence
Money 101 - Financial Literacy Website Overview
Website Overview - CIC

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