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In an effort to honor our many student leaders, recognize their contributions, and highlight the impact of their leadership at the university, all faculty and staff are invited to nominate a student for the new Student Leader of the Month award!

Please submit a nomination below for an undergraduate or graduate student who exemplifies ethical and inclusive leadership through one or more of the Barry University Characteristics outlined below:

Barry University Characteristics: 
Barry University Spirit - Fosters deep connections with other students and a life-long relationship with the Barry community.
Health and Wellness - Encourages holistic emotional, physical and social well-being.
Social Justice, Service, and Advocacy - Inspires personal and social responsibility to actively implement change.
Ethical and Inclusive Leadership - Creates civic minded leaders characterized by moral reasoning, global awareness, and a compassion for others.
Spiritual and Personal Discovery - Develops a deeper understanding of self through reflection.
Professional and Career Development - Provides the foundation for career readiness and life skills.

We prefer that  nominated students hold a 3.0 GPA or above. 

The award recipient will be presented with a certificate and a gift card to the Barry Bookstore.

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* 6. In at least 100 words, please describe how the student you have 
chosen to nominate is a leader that exemplifies the Barry University Characteristics listed above. Include examples of any involvement, achievements, leadership positions, or community service that make them the ideal candidate for this award.

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student you nominate is selected.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a student! A cross-functional committee will review nominations each month and communicate the selected Student Leader of the Month award winner through various email, website, and social media channels.