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Remuneration and Incentives of Community Health Workers (CHWs)

Principal Investigators
Prof. Kirsten Johnson, MD, MPH (McGill University)

Marie-Renée B-Lajoie, MDCM (McGill University), Jennifer Hulme, MPH (McGill University)


I am working with McGill University from Canada.
This survey is to determine how organisations use remuneration and incentives within their Community Health Worker programs. This study has been approved by McGill University’s Institutional Research Board (Montreal, Canada)

This study will provide information on strategies for CHW remnumeration and incentives.
This survey is designed for non-governmental organisations (NGO), Ministry of Health (MoH) officials who oversee CHWs linked to the MoH, and academics who are familiar with specific CHW programs and/or research. For this purpose, please refer to only one CHW program and complete a separate survey for each CHW program which you are familiar with, manage or oversee.

The term “Community Health Worker” can mean something different depending on the context and area of work. For the purposes of this survey, a CHW is defined as a health worker who performs a set of essential health services and who receives standardized training and has a defined role within the community and the larger health system.

Results of this study will inform NGO and MoH practices relating to CHW use, training and retention. You may provide us with your name and contact information if you are interested in receiving the study results. We are unable to offer any compensation for participation. Your organization name is for analysis purpose only and will not be published in the results.

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