Thank you for your interest in applying to serve volunteer on one of Compass’ consulting teams for the 2021-22 project cycle.

While projects have begun, this application is open for those interested in being placed on our waitlist. We keep an active waitlist since circumstances may arise where we need to bring another volunteer onto a team.

Projects run from Fall 2021 to Spring 2022. Each team has a Project Leader, Deputy Project Leader, and 6-7 Team Members.

Team Member Profile 
  • Availability to spend 2-3 hours/week from Nov 2021 -May 2022 on a consulting project for a local nonprofit, including regular team meetings
  • MBAs, consultants, attorneys and other business professionals with a variety of skillsets 
  • Availability to attend trainings and 1-2 client meetings in Fall 2021 (required dates/time set forth later in application)
Note about 2021-22 Projects
While we can’t know for certain how Compass 2021-22 will look, we do know based on last year's experience that Compass can work well virtually. We hope our program can include some valuable in-person components this year but we realize we will have to adapt as we continue to monitor and evaluate the climate around us. We collected feedback from our most recent group of volunteers regarding the structure of the program and that feedback has guided this year's planning. Generally, Compass trainings and regular team meetings will be conducted virtually and we will encourage in-person get-to-know-you team and client events as long as they don't violate public health guidelines at the time. We also hope to hold a few Compass networking events. Each team will need to discuss what works for them, and client EDs, boards, and the nature of their programs and sites will also determine what’s possible. No volunteer will be obliged to participate in any in-person activities if they are uncomfortable doing so. We recognize this year will require us all to be flexible once again and we’re optimistic we can leverage the convenience of virtual options while also enjoying some of the valuable in-person experiences.  

If you have any questions about being on the waitlist, please feel free to contact:

Melissa Lapica
Managing Director, Consulting Programs