About this survey

Chapel Hill Transit (CHT) is seeking input on a short-range transit plan that will guide how CHT improves service over the next several years to better serve existing and potential riders, new developments, and essential services in the community. Three scenarios were developed in early 2018 to help visualize ways to improve the system and presented to the public for feedback. Based on that feedback, a "Preferred Alternative" was developed to combine the most popular parts of each scenario into a service plan to best meet the needs of the community within existing funding levels.

After hearing from residents through public meetings, conversations about the system, and online surveys, the service planning team focused on:
  • Improving weekend service throughout the system, with a focus on better Sunday service
  • Improving how often buses arrive
  • Making service simpler and easier to understand
  • Providing more all-day service

This Preferred Alternative is being presented to the public as a draft proposal. Your input will help planners finalize service improvements and inform where changes still need to be made. Please read through the details of the system changes as well as individual route changes that are being proposed and provide your feedback.

This survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your input!
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