Calallen ISD Parent Survey

* 3. My child shows enthusiasm for the subject/class.

* 4. My child is enthusiastic about sharing what is going on in class.

* 5. My child is motivated to put in extra effort in this course because of his/her interest.

* 6. My child's teacher seems to care about my child and encourages him/her.

* 7. I notice my child applying learning from this class to his or her life.

* 8. My child is given assignments in the class that are relevant and purposeful.

* 9. The teacher makes connections to other areas of learning through real world examples and experiences.

* 10. Projects or assignments in this course require my child to think critically and explore topics deeply.

* 11. My child is able to take learning risks in this class without the fear of failure.

* 12. My child could complete homework assignments for this class independently at home.

* 13. The teacher is sensitive to my child's emotional and academic needs.

* 14. The average amount of time my child spends doing homework in this course daily is:

* 15. A lesson or assignment my child learned the most from was.............

* 17. Suggestions for improving this class would be...........