Help us promote good relations between neighbors and film production companies.
We want to help film companies become welcome visitors to our neighborhood by communicating our neighborhood concerns.

We hope you will find the time to complete our short survey. It only takes 5 minutes.

The results of this survey will be posted to

* 1. Please identify the film shoot.
This information may be obtained from the FilmLA door hanger. The information may also be obtained directly from the film crew by asking for a copy of the filming permit. If none of this information is available, provide a brief description of what you know in the "Other Description" box.

* 2. Did you receive a notice from FilmLA that a film company is planning to film in your area?

* 3. Did a representative of the FilmLA or the film company contact you to ask if you had any concerns?

* 4. How close do you live to where the shoot took place?

* 5. Please select your neighborhood.
We would like to know if you live in or near one of the Altadena Neighborhood with "Special Filming Conditions?"