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Patient Survey

The goal of this survey is to determine general knowledge about the importance of diabetic eye exams and potential insurance benefits available for this service.

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* 1. How often should a person with diabetes have a diabetic eye exam?

People with diabetes should have a diabetic eye exam:

Every two years
Every year if eye complications develop

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* 2. True or False? 
If a person has eye damage from diabetes, the person will experience symptoms right away

Eye damage does NOT always cause symptoms, so it is important for persons with diabetes to be checked regularly.

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* 3. Which are eye complications from diabetes?  Check all that apply.

High levels of blood sugar can damage eyes, causing blurry vision or blindness.  This damage can also cause other conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts, which are often very costly to treat. 

It is important to treat damage as soon as possible and remember....damage does not always cause symptoms so it is important to be screened regularly.

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* 4. True or False? 
Persons with diabetes should get the same kind of eye exam as persons who do not have diabetes.

A diabetic eye exam is more comprehensive than a regular vision screening.

Persons with diabetes should tell their eye care provider about their diabetes diagnosis.

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* 5. True or False?
Diabetic eye exams are only covered if the plan offers routine vision coverage and coverage for glasses/contacts.

Persons with diabetes should give their medical insurance card to their eye care provider AND make sure the eye care provider is aware of their diabetes diagnosis.

Diabetic eye exams are often covered through medical insurance as a diagnostic service, even if the plan does not offer vision benefits.  This may help reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket cost as a diagnostic service.

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* 6. Select most accurate choice for you:

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* 7. Select most accurate choice for you:

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