2018 Provider Satisfaction Survey

If you are a participating Provider with multiple IPAs, please complete a survey for each IPA. Your feedback is valuable. Thank you

* 1. Select your IPA(s).

* 2. Are you a PCP or Specialist?

* 3. Are you a new Provider to this IPA within the last year?

* 4. If yes, have you received an initial in-service?

* 5. Have you been supplied with a log in to the Provider Portal?

* 6. My Provider Relations Representative is:

* 7. My Provider Relations Representative:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
a) Is knowledgeable
b) Is able to answer my questions
c) Responds to my needs or concerns in a timely manner

* 8. My Provider Relations Representative visits my office.

* 9. My calls to Customer Service are answered courteously.

* 10. My calls to Customer Service are answered within 30 seconds.

* 11. The Customer Service Representatives were able to assist me.

* 12. My claims are processed in a timely manner.

* 13. My claims are processed according to the contract agreement.

* 14. My claim inquiries are answered promptly.

* 15. My capitation payments are processed in a timely manner.

* 16. My capitation payments I receive are accurate.

* 17. Utilization Management Representatives are helpful.

* 18. Referrals are processed in a timely manner.

* 19. Denial notifications consistently provide denial reasons.

* 20. The Provider appeals process is easy to follow.

* 21. How satisfied are you with the case management of your patients with complex or special needs?

* 22. How satisfied are you with the coordination of care of your patient discharging from the acute hospital or skilled nursing facility?

* 23. How would you rate your overall experience with this IPA?