Feedback form on the CHL Review and Self Study

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* 1. Background

The School of Culture, History and Language (CHL) is one of the five constituent schools and centres that
make up the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP), and the principal arena for humanistic enquiry and
the study of languages within the College. It is CAP's largest school in terms of academic staff and PhD

Several factors make this the right time for comprehensive self-study and academic review of the School.
Eight years have gone by since CAP’s conceptual launch in 2006, and six since the 2008 Strategic Review
of CAP. CHL was formally constituted in 2010. A new School Director began his five-year tenure in 2013;
and a new School Manager joined him later that year. Under their leadership, the School has begun to
take fresh organizational and administrative shape. Throughout this period, both the Asia and Pacific regions,
and the fields of Asian and Pacific Studies, respectively, have gone through profound changes. Finding
innovative institutional form to respond to these changes is but one of our challenges.

(Please see the full ToR for more detail).

Do you have any comments about the Background to the review?

* 2. Purpose

Consistent with the ANU 2020 Strategic Plan, the self-study and encompassing academic review will pursue
the aims of the ANU Academic Units Policy by demonstrating how CHL and its constituent departments and
programmes pursue and sustain:

1. interdisciplinary focus
2. strategies that are aligned with those of ANU and CAP;
3. holistic achievement of excellence in research, education and service;
4. sound management of financial resources;
5. effective recruitment, retention and development of academic and professional staff;
6. quality assurance and quality enhancement activities.

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* 3. ToR: Mission

• Review the mission of the CHL with regard to research, education and outreach in light of:
o ANU 2020 and the CAP Operational Plan 2014 – 2016
o Profound changes to the Asia and the Pacific region and the fields of Asian and Pacific Studies.

• Provide possible revised updated “mission” options for the External Review Panel to consider.

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* 4. ToR: Research, Teaching and Learning Quality and Outreach

• Review the quality, scope, impact, and reputational standing of CHL’s disciplinary and interdisciplinary
research, teaching and learning.

• Evaluate the design, delivery, and sustainability of CHL’s language instruction and humanities and
social science courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree research levels.

• Compare CHL, its programs, and its outreach to similar institutions nationally and internationally.

• Provide options to the External Review panel that would improve or enhance CHL’s performance in
each of the areas investigated.

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* 5. ToR: Governance and Financial Sustainability

• Examine the ways organizational design and culture within CHL strengthen or impede its mission,
governance and financial sustainability.

• Review and evaluate the ways CHL’s performance is affected by the structural and cultural interfaces
between CHL staff located in the Coombs Building and in the Baldessin Precinct Building; between CHL
and schools and centres within the College; between CHL, CAP, and CASS; and between CHL and
external partners.

• Identify ways to boost revenue capture through undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral enrolments
and through research and institutional funding.

• Examine and evaluate the current budgetary planning, allocation and review model.

• Report on the findings of each of these areas and provide options for the External Review Panel to

Do you have any comments on this ToR?

* 6. ToR: Stakeholder Engagement

Examine ways in which CHL could deepen its involvement with its stakeholders and how it promotes the
School’s research, teaching and outreach.

Provide to the External Review Panel options detailing possible effective strategies in this area.

* 7. Process: The academic unit review of the school will occur in two parts; a self-study conducted within the
School, and an external review conducted by an External Review Panel.

CHL will plan and conduct a self-study of the school and submit a summary report to the Dean of the College
of Asia and the Pacific, Prof. Veronica Taylor and to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Professor Marnie

Do you have any comments about the self study (including timeline)?

* 8. Process: External Review (August 2015; Final Report 15 October 2015)

An external panel will be appointed and tasked with reviewing the CHL Self-Study and making a site visit.
Selection of the external reviewers falls to the School Director, the CAP Dean, and DVC (A), following
consultation with CHL academic staff. The review panel will be made up of:

• DVC (A) as Chair
• 2 international external reviewers with no ANU background
• 1-2 ANU academic staff external to CHL

The external panel’s review will culminate in a report and set of recommendations to the DVC (A), the CAP
Dean, the CAP Executive Committee, and the CHL Director regarding the roles, excellence, innovativeness,
and sustainability of CHL within its institutional setting in CAP and ANU, and with respect to its national and
international reputation, reach, and influence.

Do you have any comments about the External Review?

* 9. Process: Stakeholders to be engaged as part of the review process.

The following groups will be engaged as part of the review process, through the opportunity to provide written
submissions or attend a self-study forum:

• Academic, visiting and professional staff (both within and external to CHL)
• HDR, Masters and Undergraduate students
• Alumni
• CAP and CASS staff, students and visitors
• Local/ national/ international partner universities and organisations
• Australian Asian Studies Association; Australian Association for Pacific Studies
• Government and industry

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* 11. Please indicate your connection to the School of Culture, History and Languages.