1. NLG Convention Survey: Pasadena 2013

This survey will help us better plan NLG Conventions: please respond whether or not you attended Puerto Rico 2013!

It should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

All answers are ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL, and the NLG will ONLY use the data to better plan NLG Conventions. Even if you were linked here after NLG voting, your name entered for voting verification hasn't been tracked to this survey. We are only asking for you to enter your name and city below to confirm that answers come from NLG members, and not spammers/spiders/bots. This information WILL NOT be linked to your individual answers.

We will ABSOLUTELY NOT sell, trade, give away, or use your personal information or answers for any other reason.

* 1. Please enter your name, and the city/town the NLG has on file for you. Again, this information *will not* be compared with your confidential survey responses.