Dear Colleague

The CHHS Committee on Diversity and Inclusion has developed the following value statement for our college community:

The WMU College of Health and Human Service seeks to be a community of learners that embraces, respects, and advocates for human diversity, inclusion and social justice in its education, research and service programs. We invite all students, faculty and staff to actively work together to become a more diverse, inclusive and just community.

As our committee begins to develop strategies to engage our community in the implementation of a sustained, inclusively-rich environment, we look to you for participation in this creative process. By way of your response to the attached survey, we are seeking your thoughts and ideas about the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to lead our college community to realizing this value statement.

Please note that your response is anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself at the end of the survey. We thank you for your contribution to this survey and look forward to our work together in the coming year.

Happy New Year!

David Areaux
Paula Armstrong
Ben Atchison
Yvette Hyter
Eva Jerome
Kristina Ledlow
Richard Long
Dori Ravotas
Jill Svinicki
Ineke Way

* 1. Please indicate your role in the College

* 2. How long have you been employed at WMU?

* 3. Diversity means different things to different people. Please read the list of terms below and rate each one in regard to its contribution to your personal definition of diversity.

  Contributes Greatly 2 3 4 Contributes Very Little
Ability Level
Socioeconomic Status
Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation
Religious Beliefs
Intellectual traditions
Teaching and learning styles

* 4. Please indicate your opinion about the following statement:

Inclusion refers to diverse voices, perspectives, and decision making in the development of curriculum content and core courses, policies, practices, research questions, clinical practice, service learning, community outreach, and study abroad.

* 5. Please indicate your opinion of the following statement:

Diversity and inclusion are essential for effective recruitment and retention of all students, faculty, and staff in HHS and in WMU