Thank you for sharing your innovation relating to partnerships!  NACHC is collecting and sharing innovations to help:

  • Facilitate networking opportunities across health centers so that you can more easily connect and learn from each other;
  • Share promising practices across health centers, PCAs, and networks to speed the uptake of effective models to improve care;
  • Highlight the contributions health centers are making to delivery system improvement by telling your stories.

Outcomes of Initiative: As a starting point, NACHC will package these innovations in a public, online database to accomplish these goals.  To continue to advance these goals, NACHC may include these innovations in publications and invite health centers to speak about their promising practices at various trainings, ranging from webinars to Learning Collaboratives to conference presentations.  NACHC will seek permission and approval from the selected organizations before including them in publications and trainings.

Definition of “Innovation”: For the purpose of this initiative, NACHC is defining “innovation” as an initiative that changes the healthcare setting and the way care is delivered to do ANY of the following for underserved populations:

           a)      Enhance access to needed care and services;
           b)      Produce better results (whether health outcomes, patient experience, staff satisfaction, etc.);
           c)       Lower total cost of care.

Criteria: NACHC will use the following criteria to determine whether to include the innovation in the database:
  • Comprehension: Is the information provided comprehensive and clear enough that other organizations could understand the implementation of the innovation?
  • Replicability: Can the innovation be adopted into other settings?
  • Impact of findings: Are there actual results or is the innovation more of a promising practice?  
  • Evidence-based: Is the innovation based on existing evidence
  • Innovation: Is it truly innovative or is it a widespread best practice?
  • Actionable: Can others use this innovation to address problems?
  • Relevance: Can the innovation help inform emerging issues relevant to health centers?