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Thank you for helping us determine how best to support our community's healing...

The CHAN Project is a newly forming nonprofit based in Snohomish County. The purpose of the CHAN Project, is to expand Compassion, Healing, Awareness and Nurturing to our community by supporting those experiencing grief and loss, struggling with mental/emotional wellness, families touched by substance use or unhealthy relationships, and much more.

 The CHAN Project, which started because of one family's great loss from the opioid epidemic, aims to understand our community needs and share wisdom to help heal and prevent the same pain around emotional wellness, behavioral and mental health, loss, and more. 

Whether it's low self -esteem, isolation, depression/anxiety, social media bullying, relationships, grief and loss, maneuvering the journey of a loved one's substance use, struggling with your own mental wellness, or experiencing any other form of social or emotional health needs. The CHAN project is here to fill the gaps in services that the community identifies.
Our work is based on diversity and inclusivity, and we are a non-faith-based practice that welcomes all faiths. Most of all, we welcome your feedback to help in the process of forming our programs.  Our first three programs in the developmental stages include:
Opioid and Fentanyl Awareness Programs (in Schools)
Grief Circles (Hybrid Format - Virtual and in Person)
CHAN Podcast and CHAN Blog (Spotify, iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, and Online)
This survey will help us structure the programs above, and determine which upcoming programs to prioritize.  Thank you for your time and input as one of our potential participants.
The CHAN Project
Compassionate, Healing, Awareness and Nurturing Project
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