Introduction to CHAMP Peer Mentoring

Dear Cultural, Heritage Tourism and Agritourism Professional:

As part of the Colorado Tourism Office’s efforts to raise awareness of and appreciation for cultural, heritage and agricultural assets statewide, the Heritage and Agritourism Program has initiated a peer assistance and training program for farms and ranches, businesses, museums, attractions, and organizations who want to improve or expand their own cultural, heritage tourism or agritourism attractions. The Cultural, Heritage/Agritourism Mentor Program, or ‘CHAMP,’ exists to stimulate the development of high-quality cultural, heritage and agricultural tourism experiences for travelers in Colorado.
We are contacting you to determine your interest in participating as a paid peer mentor for the CHAMP program.
The program matches businesses or organizations already invested in developing a cultural, heritage or agritourism attraction and which could benefit from the expertise of a peer mentor to help improve or expand existing plans. Although actual peer mentoring activities are driven by Project requests, examples of peer mentoring activities might include, identifying a target audience and related media outlets for a specific attraction; helping to develop the logistics of a watchable wildlife program for a farm or ranch; developing a travel itinerary in partnership with other attractions in the area; or developing a logistical plan for farm-to-table-dinners. The opportunities are as varied as the project requests related to cultural, heritage tourism and agritourism in Colorado’s rural areas.
Peer mentors are not authorized to give legal or financial advice as part of the CHAMP program.
Here are a few key details of what it means to be a CHAMP Peer Mentor:
• You have demonstrated mastery of a body of knowledge appropriate to the tourism attractions represented by CHAMP projects;
• You have a desire to ‘give back’ and the passion and ability to help others, including individual/small business owners;
• You are willing to serve as a peer mentor on a project with specific short-term deliverable (s) for a flat honorarium of $2,000. Mileage related to site visits will be paid at the State rate;
• You are willing to participate in program evaluation;
• And, you are willing to participate in an expenses-paid annual Peer Mentor convening for the purposes of sharing skills and experience with other CHAMP peer mentors.

To apply to be a CHAMP peer mentor, please continue to fill out this survey.

If serving as a peer mentor for CHAMP is not a good fit for you, please share information regarding the opportunities afforded by the CHAMP and other Heritage and Agritourism Program activities. Visit to learn more, and thank you in advance for helping to spread the word regarding Colorado’s tourism assets and the ways in which the Colorado Tourism Office supports them!