* 1. Are you interested in travelling by Seaplane in Kerala?

* 2. Please indicate your level of awareness about Seaplane?

* 3. Do you think that Cochin International Airport is a potential place in Kerala for starting Seaplane services from the state?

* 4. If Cochin is made as the hub for Seaplane services in Kerala, how much would you prefer it?

* 5. Do you think that seaplane services are economical?

* 6. Seaplane services saves time of travel

* 7. Please specify how long you would prefer to travel by Seaplane in a single journey

* 8. Do you perceive Seaplane as an entertainment medium?

* 9. Have you experienced seaplane travel before?

* 10. If Cochin International Airport starts operating seaplane services, would you like to travel?

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