Hello Viper Class,

The Technical Committee and a number of individual members have proposed changes to the Class Constitution - stating how the Class is run (see current Constitution HERE) and the Class Rules - stating how you can sail your Viper (see current Class Rules HERE).  

All of these changes have been circulated by email and on the forum for quite awhile.  The proposed changes have all gone through edits, deletions, and additions as a result of input from a wide group of class members.  

The International Governors unanimously support the Constitution changes.  The Technical Committee has reviewed at some length and unanimously supports all of the Class Rules changes.

Now we need your vote.  There are 21 separate items requiring your vote.  To make casting your vote easier, each proposal has been summarized into a few sentences.  Links for more detail, context, or a full passage are included where needed.  

As always, feel free to reach out to any of the Class leadership (Governors, Executive Committees, or Technical Committee) with any questions.  We look forward to seeing everyone out on the race course.

All votes must be cast by Thursday, December 30.

Question Title

* What is your name, email and boat number? If you no longer own a Viper, please email epadin@padesta.com.

Question Title

* Have you paid your 2021 Viper 640 Class dues?