2020-21 Change/Drop Form

Fill out this form if you need to either drop or change a private lesson or group class enrollment:

1) If you need to DROP a private-lesson or group class enrollment and do not plan to enroll in anything in its place, please select "Drop a private lesson or group class enrollment".

2) If you need to CHANGE your private-lesson or group-class enrollment within the same instrument or class (for example, switch lesson days or times, or switch to a different section of the same group class), please select "Change a private-lesson or group class enrollment".

3) If you would like to change instruments or enroll in a different group class from the one currently enrolled, please DROP the lesson or class you are currently enrolled in and then visit our website to submit a Private Lesson Inquiry for your new instrument or enroll in the new group class of your choice. Please be advised that all new enrollments are dependent on available space. 

If you are changing and/or dropping private lesson enrollments for more than one student, you will need to fill out a separate survey for each student. However, you can complete all changes and/or drops for a single student in one survey; when you complete your first drop or change request, simply choose the option for what you wish to do next at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions about registration, class times, or any other aspects of the enrollment process, please contact the registrar, Samara Martin, at smartin@winchestermusic.org. 

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