Our first raid will be September 22nd! @ 7:30 CST

So I hear you be interested in raidin', ey? 

Well good news! That's what we do. 
Please fill this out to the best of your abilities (I know, typing can be hard but it'll only take a minute!) 

A few notes:

We have a lot of people looking to raid. And when I say "a lot" I mean.. a lot. Seriously. Where did you guys come from?! KAS?! jkjk :p  All joking aside, we are so happy to see so many people on and excited for Legion! Please be aware that things can change over the course of Legion and we will adjust accordingly. 

Raiding Expectations: 
Currently, we are raiding Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7:30 - 10:30 CST. 
1. Please show up at least 5 minutes early ready to go. We expect to see your new armor shining with pretty enchants and gems! If you need stuff, let us know ahead of time. 
2. Know your class!! If you somehow didn't notice.. There have been countless changes to everything so please make sure you know what you're doing. Well.. except Hunters. Do they ever know what they're doing? (OOOOOOOOOOO) 
2. Know the fights!! We'll be posting them on our website here and on Discord! 
Which conveniently brings us to.. 
3. Make sure you are signed up on our website and have Discord! You have over a week to set up Discord - we're not going to wait for you to figure it out on the 22nd. 

We're going to try personal loot for at least the first few weeks. It will give everyone a better, fairer opportunity to get loot. If you get something you don't need, link it in chat and we will ROLL for it. No favoritism! If this causes any issues, let and Officer handle it - but if it doesn't work out we'll change it. 

Okay! So now that I've officially bored you.. take this exciting survey! :D 

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* 1. Main Character Name & Server - (Who you want to raid with)

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* 2. Class / Spec - 

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* 3. Do you have a back-up character/spec? If so, what is it?

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* 4. Current Item Level - 

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* 5. Have you raided with us before? 

For those interested in Mythic : 

It looks like we're going to have a pretty solid team heading into legion. We would like to do as much as we can but that requires people showing up, being ready and knowing the fights. We will be looking to see how people hold up in Normal/Heroic to secure the Mythic team.  Please let an officer know if your attendance is going to be spotty or if there's any issues! 

We're not a crazy, hardcore raiding guild - we never have been. We have a lot of good people who just want to progress as far as they can and have a good time. That's always been our goal and will continue to be. Just remember, you have 19 other people counting on you so please keep an open mind, stay up-to-date with your class, and know the fights! Have I said that enough?

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* 6. Are you interested in Mythic?

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* 7. Here's an empty comment box to fill until your hearts content! :D But seriously.. Comments? Questions? Excitement!?