Help us assess the need for a new organization to provide free and low-cost specialized IT services.

Codestar, Inc. in Brattleboro, Vermont is conducting this survey about the technical needs of non-profit organizations. The guiding questions of this ANONYMOUS survey are:
(1) Do nonprofits in New England have adequate resources to implement proper/recommended I.T. security and compliance measures?
(2) If there are gaps, are these due to shortages of funding, staffing, knowledge, trusted providers, or other reasons?

The survey will ask questions about your non-profit organization’s computer security and compliance, such as: how data gets backed up, whether you need help maintaining compliance with payment card data security standards or HIPAA, and what kinds of training or assessments you have completed.

At the end you'll have the option to sign up for notifications about the availability of free and low-cost services as they become available.

Depending on your role at your organization, you might not know answers to all of the questions. If you can’t easily answer a question, it’s okay to answer “I don’t know.” However, if someone else at your organization has more knowledge of the information security situation, you should probably ask them to complete the survey instead.  We do ask that your organization completes the survey only once.

Your participation in this anonymous survey will help improve security and compliance options for local non-profits, and we thank you!

* 1. Let's start with the most important factor in any cyber-emergency: Does your organization back up its computer data?

13% of survey complete.