1. Simmons MBA Marketing and Admissions Survey - Fall 2008

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is appreciated. Don't forget to print the "Thank You" page, sign it and drop it in the drop box to enter for a chance to win a $25 B&N Gift Certificate.

1. Which program are you currently enrolled in?

2. Why did you decide to pursue your MBA?

3. Why did you choose Simmons School of Management for your MBA?

4. How did you first hear about Simmons School of Management?

5. What prompted you to first engage with Simmons School of Management?

6. Who influenced your decision to apply?

7. Which activities did you participate in at Simmons? (check all that apply)

8. Which activities positively influenced your decision to apply/attend? (check all that apply)

9. How would you rate the frequency of communication received from Simmons School of Management?

  Inudated Sufficient Not Enough
Emails received prior to applying
Phone calls received prior to applying
Postal mail received prior to applying
Emails received after applying
Phone calls received after applying
Postal mail received after applying
Emails received after being accepted
Phone calls received after being accepted
Postal mail received after being accepted

10. What comments and/or suggestions do you have for Simmons School of Management regarding marketing and/or admissions?