About the survey

We are The Mothership Project a network of Irish parenting visual artists and arts workers. The Mothership is a tactical and strategic resource, aiming to provide an alternative platform and networking space for parenting artists in Ireland.

In Autumn of 2018 The Mothership Project in collaboration with Cow House Studios will present ‘Satellite’, a residency programme designed specifically for parenting artists in Ireland.  Alongside this The Mothership will work with independent researcher Dr Helen Kara to gather and analyse information about how parenting artists work, what opportunities you avail of and how you manage family commitments alongside your practice.

The information you give will be used to design the Satellite residency programme for Irish artists. Alongside this The Mothership will produce a document that will demonstrate best practice for the inclusion of parenting artists in programmes and opportunities offered by institutions and art organisations in Ireland.

All information gathered will be anonymous and no information will be shared with any third party.  If you have any questions about the survey or its use please contact themothershipproject@gmail.com.

Thanks and solidarity in advance of doing the survey

Satellite is funded by The Irish Arts Council Project Award. 

Section 1  - Art Practice

Question Title

* 1. What was or is your practice?

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* 2. Do you call yourself an artist?

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* 3. Can you tell us why you gave the answer above?