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You will be asked a number of questions. Please answer all the questions on each page. Try to provide as much detail as possible, as the more detail you provide, the more I have to go by.

1. Have at least 15 mins per day to contribute to the course.
2. Be passionate about languages.
3. Have a dictionary (online or physical) to select the random words for the course. (It must have information on noun gender/verb type/part of speech etc.)

What will I be doing? You will be doing a range of tasks:
1. Adding content.
2. Adding audio.
3. Answering users questions.
4. Earning lingots;)

You will not be contacted immediately. The course you want to contribute to needs to have a minimum of 50 votes from Duolingo users before your application will be considered. You will receive a message when the course has reached 50 votes, saying that your application is now being considered. If you have been chosen, you will get another message including an invite to the course you want to contribute to.

Good luck!

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* 1. What is your Duolingo username? (For when you need to be contacted)

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* 2. What course would you like to contribute to? (e.g. French, German etc.)(Do not pick a course which has already been created)

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* 3. Why do you wish to contribute to a 10 Words A Day course? (Please give a detailed answer if you can)

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