Earthen Heart Visitor Survey

This survey is designed to make sure a visit will be mutually beneficial and to get some of the basic arrangements figured out in advance if a visit does happen!  Please keep in mind bringing pets is generally discourage for shorter visits (under one month) but you can call (269) 427-1002 to discuss that issue.

* 1. When would you like to arrive?

Date / Time

* 2. How long would you like to stay?

* 3. Do you have any interest in becoming a long term community member?

* 4. Would you like to have meals provided?

* 5. What is your physical strength?

* 6. In What Departments of the Community Homestead would you like to work?

* 7. What skills can you offer?

* 8. Are you interested in generating income while you are staying at Earthen Heart?(This could involve working for a nearby farm and/or processing "Cottage foods" for sale).

* 9. How will you be arriving?

* 10. Please describe your financial situation and where you can go if things don't work out as well as planned at Earthen Heart. Please also input your email adress in the box below.