Australian Agricultural Contractors Association Inc
Previously: - The Victorian Hay Press Owners Association,  5th August 1944
But believed to have been in existence circa 1942 refer history on web site.

Then, Fodder Conservation Operators Association Sept. 1956
Then, Australian Agricultural Contractors Association Inc, July 2007   
P O Box 1883    Bakery Hill      BALLARAT     Vic     3354
Web site -      e-mail,  
ABN 71 516 754 008   Registered address:-  6885 Geelong Rd   SCOTSBURN   VIC  3352

For all AACAInc business please call 0438 705 846


The AACAInc invites every Australian farmer and/or contractor, directly involved in the “Fodder Conservation Industry” to participate in the first “E” survey ever held, in Oz.

This Survey will help the AACAInc produce the 2018 / 2019 brochure to include “suggested guideline prices”, which the industry relies on, in some quarters.

The information will help the Association assist “all parties” in the industry, to keep abreast of the changing times in Australia, with up to date relevant data, in the brochure.

The data will also help the respondents keep tabs on their business, by keeping a copy

FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT MEMBERS of the AACAInc, we offer free membership, for the 2018 / 19 season, when you agree to participate in the survey.

Fill out the Full /Associate membership application documents available on the web site, and advise us on the document you intend to fill out the survey on line. The Association will then send to you other membership documents.

We will then present your credentials for membership at the next meeting.


Committee of management.

“We have no trouble with contractors who work for less, for who better to know the value of their work”