The task force assembled by NCDHH to address the future of the QAST has been meeting to discuss issues relating to the Board’s decision to discontinue administering the test. Many interpreters in Nebraska have questions and concerns about the impact of this decision, as well as other, future actions by the Commission.

These questions and concerns, as well as future procedures by the Commission, have been received and addressed. With this information, the Task Force will write a proposal to submit to the Board. The Commission will then inform all interested parties on the future of the QAST and answer remaining questions and concerns.

NCDHH has asked the Task Force to gather input on the interpreter referral service, its policies and procedures. This survey needs to be completed and returned by January 25th so that the feedback can be reported at the next Task Force meeting on the 26th. As this affects the majority of interpreters, we would like your participation.

Please only complete the survey once per individual.

Please feel free to share this survey with other interpreters to make sure that everyone has a chance to submit their responses and comments.

* 1. NCDHH should continue to provide interpreter referral services to businesses, agencies, organizations, etc. in the state of Nebraska.

* 2. Attending the Annual Interpreter Release Meeting is an effective way to keep my name on the NCDHH referral list.

* 3. I am satisfied with NCDHH’s current policies and procedures related to the referral process for accepting, confirming, cancelling assignments, etc.

* 4. I am satisfied with NCDHH’s current interpreter web management system (text/e-mail) for receiving and confirming interpreting requests.

* 5. I receive the majority of my interpreting referrals through NCDHH.

* 6. Share any recommendations that you believe would enhance the Commission’s management of the interpreter referral process.

* 7. Other comments regarding what’s working well with the referral process and/or any concerns that were not covered in this survey?