Award Nominations Needed — Nominate Our Best!

As we start 2019, it's time to reflect back on 2018 and your rides with the Club. Potomac Pedalers is run by volunteers, people just like you, who give their time to create great rides and ensure your safety and enjoyment. There are always a few who go beyond what you would expect and those folks deserve recognition – but we'll only find out about them if they're nominated.

There are five awards for which you can make a nomination:
  1. the Peter LeGrand Good Shepherd Award,
  2. the Rookie Ride Leader Award,
  3. the Best Original Ride of the Year Award,
  4. the Neal D. Molloy Volunteer Award,
  5. and the Linda Tischer Lifetime Award.
Any member can nominate a Potomac Pedalers member for any award. This year we'd like to make the process even easier. This survey goes through each award available. If you know of someone to nominate, just fill in a nominee for that award.
This survey needs to be submitted by 6 PM, Wednesday, February 6th.
Awardees will be selected by the ExCom and announced at the Volunteer Party on February 17th.