The purpose of this survey is to help the State of Nevada decide how to direct money in the Fund for a Healthy Nevada (also known as the Tobacco Settlement Fund). Your input will help determine how the State spends these funds.  Thank you for taking this opportunity to tell us about what you think about what services will help residents of Nevada live safe, secure healthy lives and/or help persons with disabilities live as independently as possible. The information you provide will remain confidential.

Please follow these important instructions.
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How Would You Rank the Needs of Nevada Residents?

* 1. Information that is already available tells us that Nevada residents are most in need of help with the services listed in the table below. Please help us rank the services by numbering them from 1 (for the most important service) through 12 (for the least important service). Your answers, combined with others, will provide a picture of the most important needs in your particular community.

Note that, if you enter the same number twice, the first entry will automatically be deleted. For example, if you enter a "2" next to Emergency Services and later enter a "2" next to Substance Abuse Services, the first "2" you entered will disappear. In this example, you would need to go back and choose a different number for Emergency Services.

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