1. Welcome!

Thank you for taking a moment to tell us how we're doing. We are eager to hear about what we may be doing well, what we can improve on and any suggestions you may have for other services or ways that we can meet your needs.

The IDS is a service center for the School of Medicine, but is able to provide services to all Penn schools as well as all UPHS entities. We are supported through user fees and do not receive financial support from Penn or UPHS.

* 1. Ease of requesting services

  Difficult Indifferent Easy N/A
How easy or difficult was it to submit a new protocol to the IDS?
Was it easy to find the submittal forms on the IDS website?
Was our online scheduling 'app' easy to use in requesting time for site qualifications, SIV's or other visits?

* 2. How helpful was our staff?

* 3. Services available through the IDS

  Aware and have used Aware but never used Was not aware
Inventory and Dispensing for clinical trials
Acquisition of medications for animal/laboratory trials
Delivery services throughout the Penn campus
Off-site courier (50mi radius) or overnight express service to patient's home
Assistance with IND (CMC) or Protocol language for services provided by IDS
Manufacturing of blinded medications
Repackaging (bottles, blister cards, etc)
Randomization schemes
Emergency unmasking website (with PennKey authentication)
Patient counseling for complex regimens
Tracking patient compliance with treatment regimens
Documented incineration of clinical trial materials (including those not managed through IDS)
Coordination with various UPHS pharmacies for 24/7 support of inpatient trials