Informed Consent


Dear Participant,

You have been invited and by virtue of your completion of this survey consent to participate in this research study. This project is being conducted nationally with dissemination assistance from AACN. Within the survey, you will be asked to rate your feelings and perceptions based upon your critical care work experience.

Robin Dalton, an MSN/MBA student at Holy Names University in Oakland, California, is replicating a study originally performed in Southwestern Ontario, Canada with the intent of comparing/contrasting the findings.

Background Information:

There are currently critical shortages of clinical nurses in the acute care settings. For the nurses in this environment, many feel disconnected and unsupported in their professional environments. Managers are often unavailable to be supportive because of large spans of control or inexperience and are often unable to supply emotional support. Many managers are inexperienced in the skills necessary to offer guidance for nurses to become empowered.

Parameters of Participation:

* Participants must have a minimum of two years of registered nurse experience in a critical care setting within an acute care faciity; work full time, part time, or per diem (no registry or travelling nurses); and, are able to independently complete the survey.

* No identifying tools are associated with completing the survey, therefore the researcher will be unable to contact or identify the participants in any way. The decision not to participate will have no effect on the participants' current membership in AACN.

* By taking this anonymous survey, you as the participant acknowledge that you understand and consent to these terms. The Internal (Institutional) Review Board at Holy Names University has reviewed and approved the request to conduct this project. If you have any questions regarding participation in the research study, you may contact them at Holy Names University (510) 436-1000 during normal business hours (Pacific Time).

* If you have questions or concerns about completing the survey or about being in this research study, you may contact Robin Dalton, at

Thank you for your time and consideration to participate in this research study. I have agreed to share my results of this study with AACN as a condition to solicit their membership. Please retain this letter for your records.


Robin K. Dalton, BA, MSNc, MBAc, RN, PHN