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We want your feedback about our Importer Information Notes.

You've reached this page because you were trying to access information in our collection of "Importer Information Notes". These are now available via the National Archives website - and we've included a link below.

If you can answer a couple of quick questions, it would help us to understand how much demand for this information, and what questions people are trying to find the answers to. Your answers will be anonymous. If you need to contact us personally then we've included an email link below.

But if you want to go straight on to browse this information you can do so on the National Archives website.

You should also read our collection of guidance on importing and exporting live animals or animal products.

* 1. Were you looking for information about a specific:

* 2. If it's a commodity - please tell us what commodity you were looking for advice about

* 3. If it's a country - please tell us what country you are looking to import from

* 4. Other - please summarise what information you were looking for...

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* 6. Can you tell us more about what type/size of business are you?

Thanks for your feedback. If you need to tell us more you can email webmaster@defra.gsi.gov.uk