1. Share your pain:

Thank you for participating in The CFD Pain Survey.

It is our desire to understand the variety of pains experienced by the CFD community and provide innovative optimal solutions to them.

Based on survey results, Optimal LLC wishes to identify a few articulate alpha-software testing partners to assist us during the product development stage of our software. The alpha-test program will provide limited-time free usage of prototype versions of our products for the purposes of technical evaluation and refinement of customer needs.

* 1. Please indicate your degree of CFD pain associated with each of the following:

  No major complaints Moderate Intense Searing
Ease of use
Geometry creation/clean-up
Mesh generation
User defined physics/BCs
Shape modification
Design optimization
Cross-platform issues
Data exchange
Software expense

* 2. If you are so inclined, describe more clearly your most significant CFD pains or bottlenecks. We also welcome your thoughts about future CFD directions or enabling technologies currently missing from today's market.

* 3. If we can help alleviate your CFD pain, would you be interested in participating as an alpha-software testing partner?