* 1. Please select the location of your class/program

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* 3. Please record the name of your instructor 

* 4. Please rate your experience in the following areas:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Check-in process/front desk
Schedule (days, times, length)
Location of the class
Facility and equipment quality & cleanliness
Staff quality
Class environment was safe?
Did this class meet your expectations?
Overall quality of the class

* 5. What are the most important reasons for selecting this class? Please choose three (3).

* 6. Thinking about the drop-in fitness class, please tell us what you think:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Was the instructor knowledgeable and professional?
Did the instructor demonstrate proper technique and modifications?
Did the class start and finish on time and was class time used effectively?
Was the instructor welcoming and encouraging?
Were the class goals/objectives made clear?
Did the class name and description match the workout?
Was the class motivating and fun?
Would you refer the class to others?

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* 8. Are there any other programs you would like to see offered at Bend Park and Recreation?

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