Community for the Kingdom Small Group Registration

Thank you for expressing an interest in Community for the Kingdom (CFTK) at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Please help us create our faith groups by responding to the following questions. It is important for us to honor your preferences and will try to do so whenever possible.

* 1. Please provide your contact information.

* 2. Please share your desired level of engagement with CFTK. I am interested in:

* 3. Joining a Group: Please share your perspective as it relates to group formation.

* 4. Please share the first and last names, and emails of the other members of your desired group/partial group. 

* 5. Please share your preference for joining a group. Using a 1-7 (1 is highest preference, 7 is lowest preference) scale, rank your priorities in joining a group.

* 6. Thank you for joining us on this faith journey. Please feel free to share any additional thoughts as they relate to Community for the Kingdom.