This survey is for you to submit information about the Single-Use and Plastic Pollution you have seen on your Trash Count.

The aim of a TFT Trash Count is to provide a ‘snap-shot’ of SUP prevalence, by counting the items of SUP that they see along a defined section of recreational trail. It has been designed to be conducted by volunteers swiftly, with no more equipment than a phone and / or a nightclub clicker. 

Although it may seem counterintuitive to our mission. It is important to remember that a Trash Count is not about removing the SUP. Removal massively increases the time needed to cover ground, which reduces overall survey efficacy and accuracy and increases the rate of ‘drop-outs’ from a long term monitoring programme. In short, you can do a Trash Count whilst you ride, run or roam and it has little to no impact upon how fun it is!

Trash Free Trails then use this information to contribute to their scientific study, The State of Our Trails Report. You can find out more about it here:
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