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The Caribbean Fishery Management Council is looking to its stakeholders to help shape the future of our fisheries.  The purpose of this survey is to gather as much information as possible about what is most important to you.  The Council will use your input to develop a shared vision for the future of our fisheries and a strategic plan to accomplish the vision.  
In this survey, "fisheries" refers to the species that the Council manages, the environment those species live in, the fishers, and people in related industries. The Caribbean Council is responsible for managing fisheries in the federal waters off Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. This survey focuses primarily on these fisheries.  
We have designed this survey to take approximately 15 minutes. Your time and input are valuable to us, and will have a real impact on the Council's future priorities and management of our fisheries. 
All survey responses are anonymous and will be compiled for presentation and analysis. For more information on the Council's strategic planning process, please visit the Council's website (https://caribbeanfmc.com) or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/caribbeanfishery/). We hope that you will continue to be involved in this cooperative project and provide ongoing input into fisheries management.  
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