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* 1. What part of your wheelchair most frequently needs to be repaired or replaced?
a) How often?
b) Who pays for the repair or replacement?
c) What is the make and model of your chair?

* 2. What percentage of your wheelchair’s malfunctions stem from the battery or charging system?

* 3. How often does battery replacement resolve your chair's electrical system malfunctions?

* 4. How often do you replace your chair’s batteries?
a) Is that acceptable?
b) Who pays for replacement batteries?
c) What is the brand and voltage of your battery(ies)?

* 5. How long does it take to charge your chair’s batteries fully?

a) Is that acceptable to you?

* 6. Do you charge the batteries overnight, whenever possible (“opportunity charging”), or both?
a)Does opportunity charging work for you?

* 7. Do your chair’s batteries maintain a consistently good charge over many uses?

* 8. Do you have an on-board or stand-alone charger?
a)If stand-alone: How often do you travel with your charger?
b)Do you feel that the size or weight of your charger is cumbersome?