Closing the Food Gap Follow-up Meeting Registration

There is no charge to participate in this follow-up meeting and kick-off for a South Central PA Food System Alliance - but because space is limited, we're asking everyone to register by July 6.

* 1. To sign-up for the July 10th event, please provide your name and contact information

* 2. Did you participate in the November 10, Closing the Food Gap event?

* 3. Have you or your organization developed or implemented any new food (access, marketing, etc) related projects since November? Have you organized any local activities/groups?

* 4. In order to better serve a large group, the Camp Hill Giant Marketplace Cafe has asked us to provide a count for those that will be participating in the networking lunch hour & purchasing food at the MarketCafe. Will you be joining us?

Thank you for registering! We will email registration confirmations within 2 business days. If you have immediate questions, feel free to contact Cheryl Burns with Capital RC&D at 717-241-4361 or