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Your pastor is serving as a member of the Caney Fork District Strategy Team. This group is working diligently to establish the direction of our shared ministry across the district. Part of our task is gathering information from a sample of churches that will provide important clues to help us clarify our internal context. Your feedback is essential to our process.

This short, quick survey can provide a wealth of valuable information for our work as a group and prove to be helpful to your local context. We are seeking feedback on specific areas, such as worship, education, mission, and facilities. We have also provided some simple open-ended questions to gather additional valuable clues, as well.

Please help our team by answering the questions on this short survey. Your identity will be kept confidential. The data we receive will be complied, analyzed and used to inform God’s next faithful step for the Caney Fork District.

Thank you for your help.


Rev. Donna Parramore

Caney Fork District Superintendent

Question Title

* 1. Please rate the following aspects of church life: 

  Poor Adequate Good  Outstanding
Adult Education 
Children and Youth 

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* 2. Provide any comments to explain your answers to the previous question and to provide additional feedback.

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* 3. What is so good about our church that you hope it never changes?

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* 4. If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about our church, what would it be?