Assessing Pennsylvania's Progress in Responding to "A Call for Change"

In 2004, the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services’ (OMHSAS) Advisory Committee formed a Recovery Workgroup, tasked to explore how to transition the adult mental health system in Pennsylvania into a more recovery-oriented approach. The Recovery Workgroup was convened, by invitation, to discuss the process of developing a blueprint for building a recovery-oriented service system in Pennsylvania. This collaboration of broad-based stakeholders resulted in A Call for Change, a document that would outline a destination for Systems Transformation and provide guidance on strategies for how to get there.  The Call for Change is available at:

Because A Call for Change focused on transforming the adult-serving behavioral health system, in 2010, the OMHSAS Children’s Bureau proceeded with developing a document to guide transformation of the child-serving system to one that promotes resiliency for children, youth and their families.  A Call for Change: Transformation of the Children’s Behavioral Health System in Pennsylvania was drafted as a strategic plan, identifying an ideal array of services, goals and prioritized action steps to achieve systems change.

Several years have passed since these documents were developed.  In the Fall of 2018, the OMHSAS Planning Council challenged OMHSAS to re-visit A Call for Change, to assess how far Pennsylvania’s  behavioral health system that serves Children, Youth and their families, as well as Adults and Older Adults has progressed with Transformation, and to identify priorities for future efforts.  OMHSAS agreed to support the assessment of progress and the issuance of A Call for Change, 2019.  The assessment phase will include regional on-site listening sessions, intended to generate broad-based stakeholder input and dialogue.  In addition, OMHSAS is posting an on-line survey to obtain input from stakeholders who are unable to attend a session.  The survey can be accessed at (insert link).

Survey Instructions

The online survey includes questions about 10 key indicators of System Transformation.  Each topic contains a question asking the respondent to indicate which choices listed apply, and then a question about the extent to which the question applies.  There is also a comment box after each question that provides opportunity for further feedback about the question or response. The entire survey may take more than 30 minutes to complete.  The survey has been structured to allow an individual to save their progress part-way through the questions and to return to finish the survey at a later time (must utilize the same device to return). 

Respondents are asked to identify the primary stakeholder role they are representing in completing the survey.  It is important that respondents select only one stakeholder group to identify with in completing the survey, as selecting more than one option will confuse analysis of the results.  Respondents who do serve in more than one role may choose to complete separate surveys.  

Contact Jill Stemple at with any questions about this survey or the "Call for Change" project. 
Survey responses are due by no later than May 1, 2019.

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