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* 1. In what ways could Grand Valley and/or the Kutsche Office of Local History best serve your organization?

* 2. Would you or someone from your organization be willing to serve on the Advisory Board for the Kutsche Office of Local History?

* 3. If you would be willing to serve on the Kutsche Advisory Board, please provide us with your name and contact information.

* 4. Can your organization provide an internship learning experience for a Grand Valley student?

* 5. What is your organization’s most popular program or event?

* 6. How do you determine your organization’s yearly programs or events?

* 7. What distinguishes your organization from other historical organizations?

* 8. What special awards or other recognitions has your organization received?

* 9. What kind of program is your organization?

* 10. If your organization is none of the above options, please describe your program.

* 11. Would you be interested in a free or low cost seminar/workshop on any of the following topics:

* 12. Please let us know whether someone from your organization will attend the Local History Roundtable on April 22, 2010.

* 13. Please indicate the names and number of people from your organization who will attend on April 22nd.

* 14. To update our records, we would appreciate your providing the following information for your institution or organization:

Thank you for your time!