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Community Futures Boundary is conducting a project to develop Sector Profiles and Sector Development Action plans that will help strengthen our local Healthcare, Agriculture, and Hospitality sectors. These tools will serve to promote and grow our sectors to attract and retain businesses as well as our workforce.
As part of developing these tools, we have created this survey to gain your insight as a participant within the Hospitality sector and in doing so, accomplish the following objectives:

1.     Gain insight into key regional trends within the Hospitality sector
2.    Determine opportunities for growth and challenges within the Hospitality sector
3.    Determine potential actions/initiatives to incorporate into the Hospitality sector development action plans

For the purposes of this project, we have defined the Hospitality sector as any business or organization operating within Food, Beverage, Travel, Tourism, Accomodation, Recreation, and/or Retail. 

We ask that you take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey. Your insights will further Community Futures Boundary's ability to support and develop our region.

This data will only be used as an aggregate and no specific or personal information will be shared, correlated, or analyzed as such.