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Please complete the application and the Agency Status Survey. Upon approval, your agency will be invoiced for software and accreditation fees and sent an agreement. Please contact your Program Manager for additional information at 1-800-558-0218.

* Inspectors General Office seeking accreditation (Name as it should appear on your accreditation certificate)

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* Inspector General (IG)

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* Accreditation Manager (AM)

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* Number of authorized investigators

* Does your office have a current copy of the Inspectors General Standards Manual?

* What is the current status of your Policy and Procedures Manual?

* When was the last time your policies and procedures were reviewed and/or updated?

* Have any current agency members attended Accreditation Manager training?

* Is your agency a member of the FLA-PAC?

* Have you been in contact with a Program Manager to discuss the application process?

* Have you been in contact with any accredited IG offices?

* Would your agency be interested in a site visit to evaluate the status of your agency?

* We believe our agency would be ready to sign an accreditation agreement: