* 1. Which sector describes best your area of work?

* 2. Is your organization interested in obtaining insights from text (ex: phenotypes, symptoms, customer's sentiments, ...)?

* 3. What text sources do you need to search?

* 4. How often do you search in text sources like PubMed?

* 5. Which services would you use?

* 6. Please, select the ontology you would like to use to extract concepts from text:

* 7. Is your organization interested in using customized ontologies or dictionaries to extract concepts from text (ex: sequencing platforms or patient profiles from descriptions of genomic data sets)?

* 8. If a product with any of the previous features was available today, how likely would you be to pay a reasonable price for it?

* 9. If you are not likely to use a product with some of the previous features, why not?

* 10. If you want to know more, give us your contact and we will write you right away

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