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Are you a science teacher or community educator with a passion for protecting mangroves and the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and seeking ways to engage students and community in citizen science?

Protecting Wetlands for the Future is a 6-day collaborative program between teachers, students, community educators and Earthwatch scientists at Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre (BIEEC). 

This TeachLive experience provides teachers and community educators within the Great Barrier Reef region (Bamaga to Hervey Bay) with the tools to implement mangrove monitoring and MangroveWatch citizen science practices into the classroom and school curriculum or with your local community group.

This program is funded by Earthwatch Australia, and the Australian Government's Reef Trust and Great Barrier Reef Foundation partnership. Additional scholarships are awarded to select applicants which includes casual teacher replacement costs, travel to and from BIEEC, and post-program education and implementation. To be eligible to receive the fully funded teacher replacement scholarship, you must be a teacher at a recognized Education Queensland institution. 

Early submission of applications is advised as places fill quickly. 

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Benefits of participating 
  • Personal and professional development.
  • Work with a wetlands researcher to develop personalized mangrove education plans for your students. 
  • Access to tailored environmental education resources, lesson plans, videos and more. 
  • Join a network of environmental educators and citizen science enthusiasts.  
  • Active positive environmental impact for mangrove ecosystems. 
  • Become a certified MangroveWatch Champion. 
Eligibility criteria 
  • A science, geography, marine science or aquatic practices teacher employed at a high school or environmental education institution. 
  • Available for a 6-day TeachLive experience at BIEEC from 25th Aug - 30th Aug 2023, and make necessary travel and logistical arrangements if required (travel to BIEEC on 25th Aug for 4pm introductory session, program in field engagement from 26th to 30th Aug, depart BIEEC on 30th Aug).
  • Demonstrated interest in actively engaging students in citizen science within or adjacent to the GBR World Heritage Area. 
  • Logistical capacity to engage students in mangrove and tidal wetland citizen science, including access to a nearby mangrove or saltmarsh area. 
  • Interest in delivering mangrove and tidal wetland focused lessons to high school students. 
  • Strong interest in ensuring the future protection of the GBR World Heritage area and adjacent wetland areas and estuaries through education and awareness, both at school and in the wider community. 

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The expectations pre, during and post program are as follows:

The expectations pre, during and post program are as follows:
Priority will be given to teachers from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island backgrounds and/or with a demonstrated interest in engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in STEM education.

Data from this application is confidential and will only be used by the project team.

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* By checking this box, I confirm that my principal or department head has granted me approval to attend the program and commit to Earthwatch Australia's expectations.