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Thank you for completing the CE Accolades Needs Assessment Form. Complete forms are due August 1, 2016.

FYI: This form is not meant to act as a comprehensive profile of your CE program. 

This form is strictly designed to give us a status update on where the university stands if we had to complete the applications today for the two main CE accolades: the Carnegie CE Classification and the President's Community Service Honor Roll. 

We will review all of the input in order to:
1) identify common gaps in basic criteria that need to be addressed through capacity building, and
2) identify CE programs that could be strong candidates for highlighting in the accolade applications. 

When it comes to completing the form, please just do your best, there's no need to wring your hands over it. We will do our best when we review your responses and will follow up with if we need to clarify anything.

You can direct questions about the form to ocelts@loyno.edu

Again, thank you for completing this by August, 1. 

Keep up the great work and have a wonderful summer!