A survey for CPSs with ideas about how MA should develop a system for CEUs. 31 questions in 30min+    

Page 1:  About You

* 1. Name (optional)

* 2. Check all that apply to you (this survey seeks to gather info from CPSs)

* 3. Organizations, Agencies or Programs where you work or volunteer + Your role or job title

* 4. Other organizations you are involved with as a CPS

* 5. Primary Region (select best one)

* 6. How do you identify yourself?

* 7. Are you trained as a Recovery Coach or Recovery Coach Supervisor?

* 8. Since completing the CPS training, have you been employed or volunteered in a CPS or peer support/coaching role?

* 9. Before completing the CPS training, did you volunteer or were you employed in a peer support or coaching role?

25% of survey complete.