1. Online Credential Information Sources and Formats

This short survey is for all CTI/Credential Engine partners who have selected one or more credentials to test the new Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL), Credential Repository, and credential search app prototype.  

The purpose of the survey is to gain some understanding of the information sources and presentation formats used to provide public information about credentials.  Each partner's credential and technical contacts should complete this survey together.   Based on working together to complete this survey, it should take 10 - 15 minutes to complete it. 

The Credential Engine (CE) team is also offering the opportunity for 6 – 10 partners to participate with co-designing road-map guides and testing implement ion of CTDL to either populate the Credential Repository directly or via harvesting of public information.  The partners will not be asked to change their current technologies but will work with the CE team to undergo an analytical process and use open source technologies on top of their existing technologies to implement and test the CTDL through pushing or harvesting to populate the Registry.

The intent is to identify a limited set of credentials, not necessarily every credential offered by the organization.  

Please submit the survey by February 9, 2017.  If you have any questions, email jeannekitchens@siu.edu.

* 1. Credentialing Partner / Organization Name

* 2. Are you interested in co-designing and implementing CTDL roadmap guides and testing implementation of solutions to populate the registry?

* 3. Select all of the types of credentials your organization offers, including and in addition to the credential(s) selected for this project.

* 4. Select the most appropriate option describing the quantity of different types of credentials your organization offers.  This is not the quantity issued to people but the quantity of different credentials offered.

* 5. Is the information on your organization's publicly accessible website about credentials sourced primarily through a centralized or decentralized process or system?

* 6. Further describe the sources of the credential information that is available via your organization's website. Select all that apply.

* 7. Are the technologies used to source the public information on your website about credentials managed and updated internally by staff or handled by third-party (external) vendor(s).

* 8. What technologies/products are used to source and provide credential information to the public? (e.g., catalog system, content management system)