* 1. With which CES representative did you communicate?

* 2. How did you communicate with the CES representative (check all that apply)?

* 3. How well did the CES representative listen to you and understand what you needed?

* 4. How friendly and eager to help you was the CES representative?

* 5. How knowledgeable was the CES representative who assisted you?

* 6. If you called for a reservation or for CES support, were you able to make a reservation or arrange for the support you wanted?

* 7. If you needed assistance from CES in the future, would you request to speak with the same representative again?

* 8. What word(s) would you use to describe the CES representative with whom you communicated? (Please check all that apply.)

* 9. With which type of customer listed would you most closely identify?

* 10. If there is anything else you would like to share about your experience with the CES Front Desk, please feel free to comment below.

Please also feel free to contact the Director of Conference & Event Services, Kit Morse, at (206) 296-5569 or kmorse@seattleu.edu with comments and/or suggestions.