Membership Selection
*Members of the Community Ethics Review Board (CERB) hereafter referred to as “CERB”, will be selected from identified
residents of Flint and Genesee County.
*Academic partners will be recruited/engaged to serve as consultants to the CERB and will not hold a CERB membership.

Term of service  
*CERB members will be asked to serve a two-year term (renewable). 
*CERB members may serve two consecutive two-year terms ONLY and will be required to rotate off the Board after completing
the second two-year term. CERB members rotating off must sit out for at least one year before reapplying.

*The primary role of the CERB is to assist in protecting the welfare and rights of the community-at-large as well as individual
participants in research.
*The CERB meets at least once a month for 3-4 hours to review applications submitted by researchers affiliated with local and/orMichigan area academic institutions.
         *Submitted applications are for actual or potential research projects, to be conducted on behalf of local and/or Michigan
           area academic institutions. 
         *Submitted applications request at a minimum, a review by the CERB, utilizing a community ethical lens to examine
           research being conducted in the community. 
*All CERB members are required to complete the Human Research (IRB) Protection (HRPP) in Research Training, which is offered
free-of-charge through Michigan State University.
*All CERB members will participate in an Ethics 101 Training, which is offered free-of-charge through Michigan State University.
*All CERB members will participate in a CERB orientation.

As a CERB member, I understand that:
*Pre-meeting preparation is important and could involve the review of the submitted abstract, the complete proposal, and other
related documents.
*Post-meeting follow-up and written reports are also very important.  It will involve the completion of documents that summarize
the review process and results.
*Teleconference participation is available for emergency situations.
*CERB documents and discussions are strictly confidential.
*CERB membership is voluntary but may have some financial compensation.
Completion and submission of the following application confirms that I have read, understand, and will comply with the
statements contained in the CERB Selection Process

* 1. Contact information:

* 2. Area(s) of Interest:

* 3. Statement of Other Board Affiliations:

* 4. Statement of Experience/Knowledge in Community Engagement and Research:

* 5. Statement of Experience/Knowledge of Social Justice, Equity, and Ethics:

* 6. Who referred you for CERB membership?

* 7. Please attach your resume:

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